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The first Rate2Earn platform in #Web3

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Our goal is to use #GameFi and #SocialFi to create a transparent, fair and open review economy for both users and businesses.

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Brecht van Craen
Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Ambrosia
Chief Operating Officer
Siebe Verschaeve
Chief Technology Officer
Quinten Francois
Chief Marketing Officer
Logino Dujardin
Chief Growth Officer
Noël De Rudder
Chief Financial Officer
Matt Hartog
Head of Communications
Parveen Sharma
Head of Design
Mehdi Zagheden
Compliance & Legal Officer
Yogesh Kumar
Software Developer
Bjorn Vuylsteker
Co-founder WeGroup
Ruben Merre
Ondrej Machacek
Founder Cleevio
Maarten Vanhoof
Data Analyst
Road Map
Q4 2022
- Launch MVP (closed Beta release) on iOS
- Start pre-seed funding round
- Onboard team members & advisors
- Initial community building
- Design tokenomics
- Finalize branding
- Website v2.0 launch
- Algorithmic NFT generation
- Establishing corporation
Q1 2023
-NFT Season 1: Foodies & Sippers
-Token sale
-Closed funding round
-Open Beta release
-BNB Smart Chain integration
-NFT leveling
-Enable in-app trading
-Launch on Android
Q2 2023
-Listing on exchanges
-Add Culture NFTs
-Launch secondary NFT marketplace
-NFT Season 2: adding other specialties
-Activate global Leaderboards
Q2 2023
Q3 2023
- Launch WAT staking
- Ambassador program (influencers, community)
- NFT Season 3: adding other categories
- Merchandise shipping
- Tournament launching
Q4 2023
-Onboarding first B2B customers
-Addressing web2 consumers
-Special NFT series 1
-Launch Badges
-Following people / add as a friend
-Integration of multi-chain approach

*Note: The roadmap contains outlined expectations, however dates therein are not considered 'hard delivery dates'. The completion of the roadmap is fully dependent on the actions taken by
WhereAt and data available throughout the development of the project.